There are horror stories about vacationers who arrive at their destination only to learn the home they expected does not exist or is far from the description provided.  Here is a way that you can at least verify that the person representing the home and the home itself are legitimate.

By telephone or by email ask for the home’s Florida license number. All vacation rental homes are required to be licensed by the State of Florida. Legitimate operators will freely and gladly give you the number.  It will be a 10 digit alphanumeric number starting with the letters DWE followed by seven numbers.  Then with that information go on-line to the URL for the Florida Department of Professional Regulation (DBPR).  (link in highlighted yellow directly below)

How can you be sure you are renting a “real” vacation home in Florida?
Here is the easy process:

Go to this URL:

★  Click on the Verify a License box

★  Select Search by License Number

★  Click Search

★  Enter the whole DWE number
      (including the letters DWE).
If the home is a legally operated and licensed rental, the name and address of the operator/owner will be shown to you. And you can clearly see if it is a current and active vacation rental home. It will also give you a valid address which you can also Goggle and will usually show you photos of what the home looks like.

If  the license shows the rental is not current then you should perhaps shop for a home elsewhere!
We prominently display our state license number for each home on each home's  website and each listing site.
               A licensed property will show as Current and Active
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